Funhill Friends

Tell others about the games you love. Earn money while doing so.

Beginning March 31st 2020, we are starting a new referral program for US gamers who like sharing their love of our games with others. This new program is called, “Funhill Friends”. Anyone who signs up to join this free program will receive their own unique discount code for the Funhill Games Shop page that they may give out freely to others. When any order is placed using their code:

  • The person placing the order will receive an extra 10% off
  • You will receive 15% of the sale (excluding shipping)

It is simple as that! Many of our game sales come from word-of-mouth and we would like to thank and encourage others for telling their friends and people they meet about our games.

Interested in joining or learning more about this free program? Please fill out the form below!

    Kings of IsraelWisdom of SolomonDisciple Detective

    Demoing our games at Conventions?Hosting a Funhill Games party in your home or other location?Selling copies of our games directly to others?