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Wisdom of Solomon Board Game

In Wisdom of Solomon, players act as governors for Solomon, sending out workers to gather resources, build structures, and expand Solomon’s influence in the kingdom. The player who curries the most Favor by game’s end will be crowned the winner!

Wisdom Solomon is a worker placement game with a splash of network building. A typical game takes about 15 minutes per player, with games being a little bit longer the first time playing.  Wisdom of Solomon is a light to medium weight game, meaning that there is plenty of strategy for experienced gamers to enjoy but the game is intuitive and simple enough for new gamers to be able to jump right in.

Kings of Israel Board Game

Kings of Israel is a cooperative Biblical board game taking place during the time of the kings in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  Two to four players take on the role of prophets fighting off evil, trying to build the altars needed to win before the kingdom is destroyed by the Assyrians.  Challenging and fun, strategic and educational, Kings of Israel is a game to enjoy on many levels!

Kings of Israel Video Game

The Kings of Israel video game is a single player game based off of the Kings of Israel board game.  The Kings of Israel video game has features not found in the board game, such as a leveling up system that adapts to the player’s skill, an optional Bible study feature, and quick play modes.  Now available on PC and Mac!