Funhill Games began with a teen Bible study group in Friendswood, Texas. I was trying to think of a way to teach Ancient Israel geography and locations to my group of teens. Being an avid board gamer, I thought a fun way of doing so would be to design a board game around that idea. After a couple months of work I tested the game out with my group and it went over pretty well! After that test, I thought I should go ahead and expand it to a fully published game called, “Kings of Israel”. After finding some artists to work on the game, and many many hours of playtesting and game design work, Kings of Israel was put on Kickstarter and its printing was funded!

Since then about nine years have passed and we have since published a video game version of Kings of Israel, four more board games, and a puzzle! We will continue to publish whatever Biblically-themed idea that pops into our head and we hope to create fun things for a long time in the future!