New die cutting machine in!


I have been planning on how to produce prototype copies of my next game, "Home Builders", later this year. After much research, we have a new toy here at Funhill Games!    This is our new

New die cutting machine in!2014-03-28T19:58:34+00:00

Another room done for Home Builders!


The mudroom for Home Builders has been finished and I received an early quote for production of the game!  I am still figuring out what should be the thickness of the tiles in the game,

Another room done for Home Builders!2014-03-25T16:23:19+00:00

Big Updates for Kings of Israel!


I was finally able to release some more details about the things going on behind the scenes with Kings of Israel!  Most of the updates can be found on the Kings of Israel Facebook page,

Big Updates for Kings of Israel!2014-03-20T13:24:18+00:00

New Home Builders sketch and playtesters needed!


I just got a couple more sketches in for Home Builders, these are for the mud and dining rooms in the game.   Additionally, I am looking to add more playtesters to try out Home

New Home Builders sketch and playtesters needed!2014-03-19T13:38:10+00:00

Artwork in for Home Builders!


The first finished piece of artwork came in last night for my new home building game.  This is the finished version of the Living Room.

Artwork in for Home Builders!2014-03-13T12:42:27+00:00

Need help with game name!


I am trying to decide on a name for my home building game that will be my next Kickstarter project. The game is a tile laying game with each player trying to build the most

Need help with game name!2014-03-11T17:22:08+00:00

Home Builders early sketch


I received my first sketch for Home Builders, this is for the Living Room tile: Tim Baron will be doing the final Illustration and Lauren Carter is doing the initial design of the room for

Home Builders early sketch2014-03-05T13:47:56+00:00

Research day today


I plan on getting in some reading about important Biblical cities today for my one of my early prototypes, tentatively titled, "Merchants of Canaan". The game is very early but someone will be working on

Research day today2014-03-04T14:01:55+00:00

Home Builders playtesting photos


My wife and I did some more playtesting of "Home Builders" tonight.  Here are some images of the prototype in action!  

Home Builders playtesting photos2014-03-03T02:49:46+00:00


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