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The official Dice Tower review came out and it is good!  Kings of Israel received the Seal of Approval and here are a couple quick quotes from Tom Vasel:

-“Kings of Israel is an excellent little game.”

-“You could use this in a Sunday school class, you could use this in a Bible study… but you could use it in a game group! It’s a solid game! Thank you!”


 Previews/Reviews of Kings of Israel Prototype

Dice Tower Preview:

Out of all of the board game reviewers out there, Tom Vasel might be the biggest name of all.  His Dice Tower Podcasts and videos are extremely popular and he has been doing what he does for a long time now.  Tom did a preview of Kings of Israel, here are a couple quick quotes from him:

“This is a great family style game.”

“For the first time, since I can remember, I am playing a Biblically based game that I thought was thematic, and fun.  Something that I have not seen before.  I am very much looking forward to this one coming out.”


Rahdo Runs Through…

“Rahdo Runs Through…” is a popular board game demonstration/review series done by a fellow named Richard in Malta.  Richard has been doing “Rahdo Runs Through…” for over a year and has over 4,000 Subscribers in Youtube.  Unlike all the other reviewers to whom I have sent my game; Richard is an atheist.  I really liked Richard’s video series and I thought he would be a good third-party, as in non-religious, reviewer for the many people who might not be attracted to Kings of Israel because of its theme.

Here is the review of Kings of Israel by Richard.  A few quick quotes from him include:

“This is a fun game, a good solid game, very much enjoy it.”

“A great, solid, cooperative family game…”

“I would definitely say Kings of Israel is a better gateway game than Pandemic.”



You can also view the play through of Kings of Israel by Rahdo here.

Couple vs. CardboardCouple vs. Cardboard is a newly-wed couple’s board game review site.  They are a very good perspective of games that work well as couples games and with other groups in general.  A few quotes about Kings of Israel in their written review:

“We think this game is a total win.”

“It’s a great teaching tool for knowing the names and general “goodness” or “badness” of the Kings of Israel, and is great for learning the geography of the region…”

“… I’m thankful for smart, sophisticated games like this which feature the Scriptures in a positive light, and would love to see this designer try (h)is hand at other future games.”