King Turns on God
Here is the rulebook included in the Kings of Israel game:

Kings of Israel Game Rulebook

The Kings of Israel rulebook contains rules for three versions of the game:  Easy, Regular, and Expert.  The Easy version allows players to see each others cards and any time a sacrifice is made a Blessing card is drawn that turn by the player.  The Regular version has cards hidden and Blessing cards are only drawn during the reign of good kings.  Finally, the Expert version adds a false prophet to the game which goes around adding sin cubes to the board and while trying to destroy altars.
And if you are more of a visual learner, here is an old video tutorial for Kings of Israel:

Bible Study Rulebook

Well InformedIn addition to this rulebook, I have created a Bible Study Version rulebook to the game.  This version is to be used to lead teen Bible studies, with more than one copy of Kings of Israel needed if playing with more than four players.  Here is the Bible Study Version rulebook:
These rules remove the Ability, Sin and Punishment, and Blessing cards for an easier to learn and play game.  This version also works well with younger players.