US copies of Kings of Israel are Shipping!


All US Kickstarter pledges or preorders for Kings of Israel have been entered into Amazon's system! If you pledged or preordered a copy of Kings of Israel you will soon see a shipping notification in

US copies of Kings of Israel are Shipping!2014-12-23T18:20:55+00:00

Kings of Israel games have reached warehouse!


The copies of Kings of Israel are at the Amazon warehouse! I just received the message, and I see most of them in the inventory. Currently, I am working on getting the shipping info transferred

Kings of Israel games have reached warehouse!2014-12-23T05:11:47+00:00

New Build of Kings of Israel Video Game


The latest build of the Kings of Israel video game is out! The game is getting close, the intro screen is up, event bugs have been fixed, and menu work is coming along. I added

New Build of Kings of Israel Video Game2014-12-19T18:35:23+00:00

Kings of Israel bulk orders


I have updated the Order page so bulk preorders could be placed for Kings of Israel. This is primarily for groups that might want to use the game for Bible study purposes, but if some

Kings of Israel bulk orders2014-12-17T19:37:21+00:00

How useful are Boardgamegeek Ads?


There has been some debate on the internet whether Boardgamegeek ads are beneficial, in particular to Kickstarter campaigns.  I recently ran a Boardgamegeek front page ad that went to a preorder page for my game,

How useful are Boardgamegeek Ads?2017-11-13T01:52:29+00:00

Kings of Israel copies in the US!


The boat containing the copies of "Kings of Israel" reached the New York port this morning!  So what does that mean?! Here are the upcoming steps for the shipping of Kings of Israel to all

Kings of Israel copies in the US!2014-12-09T18:30:49+00:00

Kings of Israel on another podcast


Kings of Israel is on the Christmas Wishlist Podcast from the Game Store Prophets, check it out! (Kings of Israel appears around the 26 minute mark.)

Kings of Israel on another podcast2014-12-08T14:31:48+00:00

Website is being updated!


I needed to clean up the website before the big arrival of Kings of Israel, so changes are happening!  Some things still need to be changed and modified, but lots of new content on the

Website is being updated!2014-12-06T22:25:02+00:00


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