The boat containing the copies of “Kings of Israel” reached the New York port this morning!  So what does that mean?!

Here are the upcoming steps for the shipping of Kings of Israel to all supporters:

1.  The copies of Kings of Israel have to clear customs at the port.
2.  The games are then loaded up and driven to the Amazon warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
3.  Amazon takes the boxes in, verify they meet their requirements, and adds the games to their inventory.
4.  I upload the spreadsheets containing the list of every US backer and the number of copies of Kings of Israel they will receive.  At the same time, I request a bulk shipment of games be sent to my location so that I may send them out to all international backers.
5.  Amazon proceeds to ship out all the US copies of Kings of Israel.
6.  International Only:  Amazon proceeds to ship to me all of the copies of Kings of Israel that need to go to international backers.
7.  International Only:  I receive those copies of Kings of Israel and proceed to ship them out directly to all of the international backers with the exception of the Canadian and Australian backers.  For those backers I have a contact within both countries that will receive all of that country’s games who will then ship them out to each person within that particular country once they receive them.

And that covers it!  If you have preordered a copy of Kings of Israel and recently changed your shipping address please e-mail me at with the changes needing to be made.

Stay tuned for more progress updates regarding Kings of Israel!