Good news everyone!  Late last week I got the news that both Wisdom of Solomon and Kings of Israel have finished printing!

That means that we are a bit ahead of schedule, I originally planned for printing to finish sometime late next month.  Currently, the shipping companies are working with the printer to deliver their sets of games to the appropriate location.   About a pallet of games will be shipped to our distributor in China, another pallet to a distributor in Germany, and the rest of the copies to our location in Wisconsin.

Discounted copies of both games are available to preorder on our website, with reduced shipping costs for anyone outside the US.  Those shipping prices will go up after our supplies in China and Germany run out, so please make sure to order before that happens.

In the meantime, artwork is progressing on our next game!  The game is currently untitled, but it is a cooperative deductive card game involving the disciples.   Players will take turn giving clues to the other players as to what characteristics the cards in their hand have, but character quirks will give everyone problems.  Can your team of detectives deduce what disciples are in their hands before time runs up?  Find out sometime late 2019!  In the meantime, here is some early artwork for the game: