We continue to work on new games here at Funhill!  I just wanted to highlight the progress on a few games we have been playtesting and working to complete:

OT: Fantasy Draft

We are hard at work over here at Funhill Games! Our next release, working title “OT: Fantasy Draft”, is getting close to being finished with the final ten pieces of artwork being completed at the moment. In OT: Fantasy Draft, each player is in charge of drafting their team of Biblical characters, locations, and things that will generate them the most points at game end. OT: Fantasy Draft is a quick to play and easy to learn game that should see a Kickstarter campaign this Fall!

Escape from Sin’s Curse

In addition, we were recently introduced to a Biblical escape room game designed by Erin Greneaux. The first play went very well and we are now in the middle of finalizing a contract to have it be a Funhill Games release! “Escape from Sin’s Curse” is an hour long escape room game that has time travelers solving puzzles while trying to learn how to escape from sin’s curse. The game is nearly finished with just some artwork to complete and a few game tweaks needed. If all goes well, Escape from Sin’s Curse will join OT: Fantasy Draft for a Fall Kickstarter campaign.


Finally, we are also in the middle of playtesting a new game by Philip duBarry, the designer of Wisdom of Solomon. “Purim” is a cooperative area control game taking place during the time of Esther. Players use messengers to combat the influence of the sons of Haman before the players run out of time. The game is still early on in its development, but could it be a future Funhill Games release? We will have to wait and see!