Progress begins on our next two games and we have boxes for both!

Our first game, OT Fantasy Draft, is a 2-5 player card game and our first card drafting game!  In OT Fantasy Draft, each player takes turn drafting their team of Old Testament characters, locations, and things that will generate the most points.  Some cards work well together while some will destroy each other, and players need to choose carefully.

Our second game, Escape from Sin’s Curse, is a multiplayer escape room game, another first for us!  Designed by Erin Greneaux, players acts as time travelers who recently discover a Bible and try to stop the curse of sin from appearing.  When that fails, players must use their detective and deduction skills to jump around to different events of the Bible and make their way back home.  Escape from Sin’s Curse is also our first game that is considered to be part of our Bible Study series!

Reviewer copies of the games are soon to be printed and distributed.  The Kickstarter campaign for both games will be determined based on shipping fluctuations caused by COVID-19.  The sooner things stabilize, the sooner the games.