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Kings of Israel Video Game is Out!


King of Israel the video game is now available to purchase! The Kings of Israel video game is playable on both PC and Mac and retails for only $9.99. The game turned our really well

Kings of Israel Video Game is Out!2015-11-04T18:32:09+00:00

Funhill Games on InnRoads Podcast


I was a guest on the InnRoads podcast recently and it is now up! We discussed Kings of Israel, the video game version currently on Steam Greenlight, and gaming in general. Check it out! http://www.gamestoreprophets.com/?p=671

Funhill Games on InnRoads Podcast2015-09-28T12:37:36+00:00

Kings of Israel Steam Update


Kings of Israel the video game is over half of the way to reaching the top 100 Steam Greenlight projects! If you have a Steam account, please visit the Kings of Israel Steam Greenlight page

Kings of Israel Steam Update2015-09-04T14:08:00+00:00

Kings of Israel on Steam Greenlight


The Kings of Israel video game has been completed, but we need your help! Last night, the Kings of Israel video game project was put on Steam Greenlight, you can see it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505563... Before

Kings of Israel on Steam Greenlight2015-08-25T23:12:52+00:00

Kings of Israel video game nearly complete!


Recently, the tutorial dialogue in the Kings of Israel video game was recorded by a professional voice actor.  It sounds great and gives the tutorial a nice, Middle East feel to it. Additionally, the trailer

Kings of Israel video game nearly complete!2015-08-19T12:35:00+00:00

Kings of Israel in Africa!


Kings of Israel is now for sale in South Africa!  This might be especially interesting for anyone who knows a missionary spending time in Africa.  Here is the link! http://chessafrica.co.za/collections/board-games/products/kings-of-israel-board-game

Kings of Israel in Africa!2015-07-30T13:19:34+00:00

Kings of Israel on Television


Today I was interviewed on NTV, an ABC station in Nebraska, on their Good Life program.  It was fun to get to talk about Kings of Israel and chat with an old roommate of mine.

Kings of Israel on Television2015-06-03T21:06:57+00:00

New Ranking System for Kings of Israel


We have been working hard on finishing up the Kings of Israel video game, most recently on the ranking system.  In the Kings of Israel video game, a player will have their own profile and

New Ranking System for Kings of Israel2015-05-12T15:41:17+00:00

Another Kings of Israel Review


Another review came out recently for Kings of Israel, this one again from a home schooling perspective. Check it out! http://homeschoolencouragement.com/product-review-kings-of-israel-board-game-by-funhill-games/

Another Kings of Israel Review2015-05-05T13:47:38+00:00

Kings of Israel in Hebrew


Did you know that Kings of Israel has been translated into Hebrew and is now available to purchase in Israel? This new version of Kings of Israel was recently listed on the Game Knight website,

Kings of Israel in Hebrew2015-07-19T18:08:37+00:00