Multiple reviews are out!


Many reviews have been coming in about Kings of Israel, this time from a homeschooling perspective.  Here are the first three that have come in: The other exciting news is that Kings

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Funhill Games on Dice Steeple Podcast


A few months ago, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower sent out a notice that he was looking for guests to relaunch his Dice Steeple podcast.  The Dice Steeple podcast is about anything related to

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Kings of Israel on Game Store Prophets Podcast


The latest Game Store Prophets podcast discussed Kings of Israel! There is one big rule mistake that they made that made the game a bit easier, they were playing short lived kings as full turns

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Kings of Israel in the Duluth News Tribune


I was interviewed by Duluth News Tribune about Kings of Israel recently, and now the article is up! A couple small details were a little off but otherwise it is a very nice article about

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Kings of Israel Bulgarian Review


The first ever Kings of Israel Bulgarian review is up!  I cannot read Bulgarian but it looks nice. There should be quite a few more reviews and articles relating to Kings of Israel coming out

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Kings of Israel Video Tutorial


I have been slowly working on a Kings of Israel video tutorial for some time now, but I realized recently that I have a ways to go before it is finished properly.  So over the

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All copies of Kings of Israel have been shipped!


The second batch of international orders came in yesterday, and today they are in the mail! All Kickstarter pledges should now be shipped!  International backers keep your eyes open for an e-mail announcing the shipment

All copies of Kings of Israel have been shipped!2015-01-16T18:32:16+00:00
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