Another Kings of Israel Review


Another review came out recently for Kings of Israel, this one again from a home schooling perspective. Check it out!

Another Kings of Israel Review2015-05-05T13:47:38+00:00

Kings of Israel in Hebrew


Did you know that Kings of Israel has been translated into Hebrew and is now available to purchase in Israel? This new version of Kings of Israel was recently listed on the Game Knight website,

Kings of Israel in Hebrew2015-07-19T18:08:37+00:00

New Funhill Games Member


The latest member of the Funhill Games family arrived yesterday!  Say hello to our new Funhill Games alarm clock, Chloe!  

New Funhill Games Member2015-04-29T13:42:06+00:00

Home Builders cover nearly finalized!


The next board game that Funhill Games will publish is called, "Home Builders", and the cover artwork just came in!  This cover will be tweaked a bit to fit the finalized box size, along with

Home Builders cover nearly finalized!2015-04-21T19:58:34+00:00

Kings of Israel Bible Study Mode Progress


Recently I have been testing the Kings of Israel video game Bible study mode and it is working quite well. When the mode is selected, each turn the player will receive a multiple choice Bible

Kings of Israel Bible Study Mode Progress2015-04-21T20:06:50+00:00
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