Welcome Packs for Funhill Friends are being assembled


Welcome letters are being finished and packs assembled for the first group of individuals that have signed up for Funhill Friends!  Funhill Friends is our referral program for anyone who likes to tell others about

Welcome Packs for Funhill Friends are being assembled2020-07-20T13:18:53+00:00

New Website is Up!


We are approaching our next Kickstarter campaign on March 31st for Disciple Detective and I wanted to do a revamp of the website before that begins.  The revamp just finished up this weekend and I

New Website is Up!2020-03-08T00:23:22+00:00

Wisdom of Solomon Solo Game Ranking Variant


Do you play the solo version of Wisdom of Solomon and want to increase the game's difficulty? I have now made a ranking system to allow a player to slowly increase the solo game difficulty!

Wisdom of Solomon Solo Game Ranking Variant2019-01-30T14:40:07+00:00

Printing done and other news


Good news everyone!  Late last week I got the news that both Wisdom of Solomon and Kings of Israel have finished printing! That means that we are a bit ahead of schedule, I originally planned

Printing done and other news2018-09-25T23:16:32+00:00

Kings of Israel (English Edition) is officially out-of-print!


I sold my last copy of Kings of Israel yesterday, so it will be out-of-print for a little while.  I am planning on doing another print run to coincide with the Kickstarter campaign for Wisdom

Kings of Israel (English Edition) is officially out-of-print!2017-07-25T14:19:54+00:00

Some preview images for next Funhill game


Here are a couple early sketches for the next Funhill game.  More details will be released as things move forward!

Some preview images for next Funhill game2016-07-20T19:08:36+00:00

Another Interview


I recently did another interview about game design, check it out! http://www.freelanceknight.com/gamecreditsww-lance-hill-tabletop-game-designer/

Another Interview2016-05-02T18:11:25+00:00

Designing Biblical Games Podcast


I was recently on a podcast about designing Biblical games.  Basically we discussed the challenges and problems about designing a game with a Biblical theme.  We also went over my recommended game to study before

Designing Biblical Games Podcast2016-03-14T12:38:26+00:00

Guest Speaking at a Game Design Course


I just had my first guest speaking appearance for a game design class at Taylor University.  It is a course on designing games and the students had some really good questions, many questions that I

Guest Speaking at a Game Design Course2016-02-24T01:41:50+00:00

Kings of Israel Cyber Monday Sale


Today only, the Kings of Israel board and video game are on sale for 40% off! This is the lowest price we have had for both versions of Kings of Israel, so now is the

Kings of Israel Cyber Monday Sale2015-11-30T14:17:32+00:00
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