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I was finally able to release some more details about the things going on behind the scenes with Kings of Israel!  Most of the updates can be found on the Kings of Israel Facebook page, but in summary:

  1. The contract to begin production of Kings of Israel has been signed!
  2. A Hebrew translation of Kings of Israel will be made and sold within Israel!  Additionally, if it works out I am hoping to import any production overages for the game to the US to gauge demand for that translation here.
  3. Another project is in process for Kings of Israel but is too early to talk about.

Here are some images of the Hebrew translation and a very early preview of that other project:

Noise Grain-001 Shall Be Again Well Informed










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I just got a couple more sketches in for Home Builders, these are for the mud and dining rooms in the game.



Additionally, I am looking to add more playtesters to try out Home Builders!   If you are interested, please e-mail me with your answers to these questions:

-Are you within the US?
-Have you done any playtesting before?
-Do you have 2-4 players for testing the game?
-Would you be willing to fill out playtest reports after each game?
-Would you be fine mailing Home Builders to the next playtester after you are done as long as I reimburse you for shipping?

I am looking to add about ten more groups to test Home Builders before the prototype gets made and tested.

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Home-BuildersI am trying to decide on a name for my home building game that will be my next Kickstarter project. The game is a tile laying game with each player trying to build the most valuable home they can to sell on the market. I created a survey for the game, if you have the opportunity please take a look at the names and vote for your favorite!

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I received my first sketch for Home Builders, this is for the Living Room tile:


Tim Baron will be doing the final Illustration and Lauren Carter is doing the initial design of the room for Tim. This room will appear on multiple tiles in the game, but the arrangement will vary slightly depending on the doorways to the room, since each room is unique. My goal is to have each tile to only contain numbers to which floor it can be placed on, and no text otherwise. If the rooms are obvious to the gamer as to what they represent, Home Builders should require little translation to be played in other languages.

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I plan on getting in some reading about important Biblical cities today for my one of my early prototypes, tentatively titled, “Merchants of Canaan”.


The game is very early but someone will be working on the art design for the map soon!

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I have multiple games in the works so I decided I needed to set up a website for all Funhill Games.  I will be posting images of prototypes in development, work that is progressing with Kings of Israel, and other items of interest.  I should have some images of my new game, Home Builders, sometime later today!

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