Home Builders moving along!


Some more artwork for Home Builders came in recently!  Here's a collage of the new bedroom, deck, and kitchen tiles that were done up by Tim Baron.  Half a dozen tiles to go before moving

Home Builders moving along!2014-06-10T16:49:03+00:00

Latest Build of Kings of Israel Computer Game


I got a peak at the latest build of the Kings of Israel computer game today and I am getting pretty excited!           The developer has integrated the latest icons and

Latest Build of Kings of Israel Computer Game2014-06-06T13:51:51+00:00

Matt Ebisch working on his comic again


Just found out that one of the artists for Kings of Israel, Matt Ebisch, is back working on his comic again.  Check his work out if you get a chance, he did a great job

Matt Ebisch working on his comic again2014-06-03T04:26:30+00:00

Package just came in from Panda Games!


These tokens just came in directly from Panda Games! Here are all the wooden tokens from the Kickstarter version of Kings of Israel!  Upon first glance they all look good, going to inspect them a

Package just came in from Panda Games!2014-05-20T16:10:25+00:00

Kings of Israel video game photo


Work is going on in the background for the Kings of Israel video game in development.  The latest piece I received from Matt Ebisch, who is doing icons and art images to the game.  Here

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Kings of Israel one step further!


Quick update: Received a call from the production company for Kings of Israel and it looks like the art files are all good! A pre-production copy is the next step up! The wooden tokens for

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Kings of Israel Wooden Token Preview


The manufacturer of Kings of Israel sent me an e-mail today with a picture of the tokens that they had cut out.  These tokens will be sent to me and I will inspect them and make

Kings of Israel Wooden Token Preview2014-05-07T21:55:42+00:00

Quick Kings of Israel Update!


Quick update! The first payment was received by Panda earlier this week, and the card formatting has now been approved too. I am starting up the mass conversion and upload of the files now. Next

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New die cutting machine in!


I have been planning on how to produce prototype copies of my next game, "Home Builders", later this year. After much research, we have a new toy here at Funhill Games!    This is our new

New die cutting machine in!2014-03-28T19:58:34+00:00