• A game of OT Fantasy Draft lasts for seven rounds. Every round begins with the Starting Player and then proceeds around the table clockwise until everyone has had a turn. On each player’s turn they will:
    1. Take (draft) a card from the Draftline.
    2. Place the card in front of themselves, forming their drafted team.
    3. A new card is drawn from the top of the Draw Pile to replace the missing card. Play passes to the next player.
    If it is the last player’s turn, instead discard the leftover cards in the Draftline, draw five new cards from the Draw Pile, and begin a new round with the player who went last the previous round. After the end of the 7th round, players add their secret card to their Drafted Team and proceed to score their hand. To do so they:
    1. If applicable, choose which cards are Protected.
    2. If applicable, Destroy any cards necessary. If a card that is Protecting another card is itself Destroyed, it no longer Protects the other card(s).
    3. One by one, score each card. The player with the most points wins!
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