Here are the final versions of the Bathroom and Dining Room tiles for Home Builders.  So far we are a little over a quarter of the way done for the tile art to the game.

04-FINAL-Bathroom 02-FINAL-DiningRoom

In the meantime, Kings of Israel is on its second round of file checks for production.  If Panda Manufacturing finds anything more that needs to be tweaked to fit their format I will make those changes and submit it for another review.  The same will occur for the Hebrew translation of the game.

My new die-cutting machine is still being tweaked to get it to print out some prototype copies of a game design that is in my head at the moment.  Once I purchase some new chipboard I should be able to start testing that game out too.

Finally, a sneak preview of a resource management game that I am also working on.  I knew what map I wanted to use for the game so I had Kaysha Siemens start up work on it while I tweaked and playtested it.  Here is a sketch of the map:

Israel map sketch progress 3