I made an unboxing video of Kings of Israel over the weekend and it is now up on Youtube.  I opened up the first Kickstarter copy of Kings of Israel that was made and went over all the components inside.  This might not be a little dull to some people, in particular it was my first unboxing video and I am a bit monotone, but it might interesting to some of you to see what all comes inside.  Here it is:

I also went over all the components in the Kickstarter and regular version of Kings of Israel looking for issues.  The regular version looks fine, I did not catch any issues, but the Kickstarter version was missing the purple crown timeline token which seemed to have been replaced with a second thief token that is purple.  This odd purple dagger-holding token I will now refer to as “King Stabby”.  King Stabby was not found in the physical proof so something seemed to have happened on the manufacturing side.  I contacted Panda Games on Friday and they were looking into it over the weekend.  I will keep everyone updated when I hear more news!