I posted this update to the Kings of Israel Kickstarter page a moment ago, but it applies to many preorders made through the Funhill Games website.  Here it is!

Shipping Updates

I have been hearing from many US backers that they have received their copy of Kings of Israel!  That is very exciting!  If you find any defects or issues with your copy, feel free to message me with what components are damaged.  One example is that there have been a few backers who did not receive a box with their game.  I believe Panda Games sent a few extra copies (sans box) to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon fulfilled orders with them as if nothing was wrong.  If you are missing anything, please contact me and I will get that corrected!

The international orders I am waiting to be sent from Amazon’s warehouse to my location.  Normally these bulk return orders take around 10 business days to ship, and so far about 6 business days have gone by with all of the holidays in between.  I did have a separate return order arrive today, but that order just contained 20 copies of the regular edition of the game so it processed faster than the approximately 300 unit order of the Kickstarter edition that has yet to be sent.  I will keep everyone updated as things progress!

Rules Questions

For those with Kings of Israel in hand, if you have any questions about how the game plays, please visit the Kings of Israel FAQ page on the Funhill Games website.  I will try to keep updating that page as new questions are asked.  If it is not there, feel free to go to theBoardgamegeek Kings of Israel page to see if the question was asked, or just shoot me a message!

Ways to Help

And are you enjoying Kings of Israel and would like to tell others about it?  There are many ways to help!

  • Rate the game on Boardgamegeek!  The more ratings Kings of Israel receives, the more validity the game has in Boardgamegeek’s rating algorithm.  If you would like to go one step further, post a review or a session report to the site!  Many people read the reviews and session reports posted to a game’s page and would love to hear how the game plays from a neutral source.
  • Post a review on Amazon!  The more reviews posted on Amazon the better!
  • Are you on social media like Facebook or Twitter?  Please post pictures of the game in action or link to our Facebook or Twitter pages!  Take full advantage of Pinterest too!
  • Do you know a group, website, or publication that might want to hear about Kings of Israel?  Please contact me and I will reach out to them!

Thank you everyone for your support!