We have been working hard on finishing up the Kings of Israel video game, most recently on the ranking system.  In the Kings of Israel video game, a player will have their own profile and can level up throughout the game as they rack up wins.  After enough wins the game increases in difficulty by making changes to the cards within the Location deck, or the number of starting Resources, taking away Blessings for sacrifices, or by adding a False Prophet.  In my playtesting of this feature it really seems to fit with the game, and something I wish I fleshed out more for the board game version.

Well, I decided to make a ranking system for the board game based on the video game’s system!  You can download this file from the Funhill Games website here, or by visiting the Kings of Israel Boardgamegeek page.  Initially the players can start at the topmost level to the game and when they beat the game at that level move down to the next level.  Each level is represented by a different Israel king, with the kings becoming more prominent as the difficulty increases.

Some tweaks will likely be done to the system as more playtesting occurs, but it should be close to the final version that will be used.  Take a look at it, try it out, and tell me what you think!