The copies of Wisdom of Solomon and Kings of Israel have arrived from China and have been shipped out to US Kickstarter backers!  It has been a five month process since the Kickstarter campaign completed but things have gone quite smoothly overall.  After they reached our location, somewhere between 200 and 250 boxes were assembled, loaded, and shipped out to everyone who preordered a copy of Wisdom of Solomon or Kings of Israel. The games going to Europe are still on the boat but should reach Germany on November 29th.  In the meantime, now that copies are in hand of many  more backers, we can start spreading the news directly!

Copies of both Wisdom of Solomon and Kings of Israel are available to purchase at the Funhill Games Shop page.  There is an option to buy both for a reduced price and while the games are in stock at our foreign distribution locations reduced shipping is available for many countries.  Christmas is coming up and either game makes a great gift!  *nudge* *nudge*