We have been working hard on finishing up the Kings of Israel video game, most recently on the ranking system.  In the Kings of Israel video game, a player will have their own profile and can level up throughout the game as they rack up wins.  After enough wins the game increases in difficulty by making changes to the cards within the Location deck, or the number of starting Resources, taking away Blessings for sacrifices, or by adding a False Prophet.  In my playtesting of this feature it really seems to fit with the game, and something I wish I fleshed out more for the board game version.

Well, I decided to make a ranking system for the board game based on the video game’s system!  You can download this file from the Funhill Games website here, or by visiting the Kings of Israel Boardgamegeek page.  Initially the players can start at the topmost level to the game and when they beat the game at that level move down to the next level.  Each level is represented by a different Israel king, with the kings becoming more prominent as the difficulty increases.

Some tweaks will likely be done to the system as more playtesting occurs, but it should be close to the final version that will be used.  Take a look at it, try it out, and tell me what you think!

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The next board game that Funhill Games will publish is called, “Home Builders”, and the cover artwork just came in!  This cover will be tweaked a bit to fit the finalized box size, along with some details added, but otherwise here is what it will look like:

PrintThis almost completes all the artwork to the game!  Playtesting is still in progress and will likely continue through the rest of this year.  Keep your eyes on the Funhill Games website for future updates!



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Recently I have been testing the Kings of Israel video game Bible study mode and it is working quite well. When the mode is selected, each turn the player will receive a multiple choice Bible study question based on either Israel locations, kings, or prophets. Based on their answer, the player either is rewarded with a resource or punished with an increase in sin at a location.  If the player does not know the answer off the top of their head they can click on the tabs to take them to the KJV or WEB translations of the passage that contains the answer, or another tab that will take them to where they can select their preferred translation of the Bible.

While testing this mode I have found it really has helped me to recall some events in the Bible that I frequently forget about.  Hopefully this mode will provide another option for those looking to learn a few things while playing Kings of Israel.

Check out a screen shot of this mode!


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Many reviews have been coming in about Kings of Israel, this time from a homeschooling perspective.  Here are the first three that have come in:

The other exciting news is that Kings of Israel is currently on sale on Amazon!  For a limited time you may purchase it for 20% off retail, here is the link!

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A few months ago, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower sent out a notice that he was looking for guests to relaunch his Dice Steeple podcast.  The Dice Steeple podcast is about anything related to Christianity and gaming and is shooting to be a monthly podcast.  Since my goal is to be a publisher of Biblical board games I thought I might be a good guest for the program, so I contacted Tom and we set up a time to do the podcast.

Well, that podcast is now out!  I think it went mostly well, except at the end when I needed Tom to repeat himself multiple times before I got what he was saying.  That part I would like to ignore.  Otherwise, I think it is a good starting point in the discussion about Biblical board games, whether it be publishing them, designing them, or just what games are fun.   Check the podcast out here!


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