The soundtrack to the Kings of Israel game was recently added to Soundcloud! Check it out, we think it really turned out well and it really adds atmosphere to the game. The soundtrack has a Middle Eastern feel to it and it varies in game depending on how well the player is doing.

The Kings of Israel soundtrack was done by Johan Hargne and you can view his website here:

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Prophets Action

King of Israel the video game is now available to purchase!

The Kings of Israel video game is playable on both PC and Mac and retails for only $9.99. The game turned our really well with all new graphics, a great soundtrack, and new features not found in the board game! You can find out more details, and also purchase a copy, through this website here:

In addition, we are still waiting for approval on the Steam Greenlight website to distribute Kings of Israel through Steam. If you have a Steam account and have not voted yet, please do so here:…

Finally, keep your eyes open for another announcement soon for a 25% off sale of the Kings of Israel video game this weekend!

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Kings of Israel the video game is over half of the way to reaching the top 100 Steam Greenlight projects! If you have a Steam account, please visit the Kings of Israel Steam Greenlight page below and vote ‘Yes’ for Kings of Israel to be available on Steam!

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The Kings of Israel video game has been completed, but we need your help! Last night, the Kings of Israel video game project was put on Steam Greenlight, you can see it here:…

Before the game can become available on Steam, we need to show that there is interest in a Kings of Israel video game. Please visit the page, check out the brand new trailer, screenshots, and game description, and if you are excited about a Kings of Israel video game, vote appropriately!

Thank you everyone!

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Recently, the tutorial dialogue in the Kings of Israel video game was recorded by a professional voice actor.  It sounds great and gives the tutorial a nice, Middle East feel to it.

Additionally, the trailer to the game is being made by  This trailer will be used to promote the game and give the viewers an overview on what Kings of Israel is about.

The actual video game plays great.  There is a resource bug that needs to be squashed, but besides that the game plays better than I thought it ever would when this project began.  I really like the tweaks that have been done to the leveling up system, and I wish I included its difficulty tiers in the original board game.  The in-game animations are great and I love all the graphics that have been added to make it special.

Keep your eyes open for release information coming in the near future!

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