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    Kings of Israel Board Game

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    “Kings of Israel is an excellent little game.”  -Tom Vasel of Dice Tower Reviews Kings of Israel is a 2-4 player cooperative strategic board game designed by Lance Hill.  Fight evil in the land of Israel and build together the altars needed to win!  Fun, strategic, and educational, Kings of Israel is a game that can be enjoyed by teens through adults! Free shipping in the US. $30 shipping anywhere else in the world
  • A game of OT Fantasy Draft lasts for seven rounds. Every round begins with the Starting Player and then proceeds around the table clockwise until everyone has had a turn. On each player’s turn they will:
    1. Take (draft) a card from the Draftline.
    2. Place the card in front of themselves, forming their drafted team.
    3. A new card is drawn from the top of the Draw Pile to replace the missing card. Play passes to the next player.
    If it is the last player’s turn, instead discard the leftover cards in the Draftline, draw five new cards from the Draw Pile, and begin a new round with the player who went last the previous round. After the end of the 7th round, players add their secret card to their Drafted Team and proceed to score their hand. To do so they:
    1. If applicable, choose which cards are Protected.
    2. If applicable, Destroy any cards necessary. If a card that is Protecting another card is itself Destroyed, it no longer Protects the other card(s).
    3. One by one, score each card. The player with the most points wins!
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    Disciple Detective Card Game

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    Disciple Detective is a deduction game for 2-5 players. Each player begins with a handful of Disciples that only the other players can see. Individuals must use their deduction skills and intuition to determine what Disciples they have. Players may take notes on the backs of their cards with a dry erase marker to help determine which Disciples are in their hands. Free shipping within the US. $30 shipping anywhere else in the world  
  • "The gameplay of this is fantastic. This is a game I have played with people that people that are interested in the Biblical theme and who couldn't care less about a Biblical theme and everybody I have played with has greatly enjoyed this game." - Geek City USA Wisdom of Solomon is a 1-5 player strategic board game designed by Philip duBarry.  Act as a governor for King Solomon and expand your networks of buildings and influence throughout Israel!  Wheel and deal at the marketplace!  And slowly raise the Temple of Solomon to gain the most favor of all!  Wisdom of Solomon is a fun and strategic worker placement game for teens through adults. Free shipping in the US. $30 shipping anywhere else in the world
  • Purim

    The Book of Esther describes the harrowing events of a young girl and the fate of the Jewish people. In the game of Purim, the villainous Haman has been put to death, but his murderous plan lives on through his ten sons. You and your team of players control a the loyal messengers of the King and Queen, tasked with putting a stop to the hatred infecting the empire and securing peace for the children of Israel. Purim is a 1-4 player cooperative card-management and area-control game. Your team of players must work together to spread the King’s proclamation to all the far-flung provinces of the empire. At the same time Haman’s ten sons are trying to orchestrate the destruction of the Jewish people by spreading their false messages. Players win as a team by having their good message overpower the false messages spread in each province on the board. Free shipping in the US. $30 shipping anywhere else in the world  
    In Escape from Sin's Curse, it is the year 2911 and the Earth is a desolate wasteland, both physically and spiritually.  You are part of a group of scientists trying to figure out where everything went wrong.   Searching through an ancient library, you discover the Bible, which has been lost for centuries. After reading the story of Adam and Eve, your team of scientists decide to take a time machine back to the Garden of Eden to stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit and putting a curse on all mankind.  Arriving on the scene just moments too late, you find yourself on a fact-finding mission to discover if there is any way to reverse sin’s curse.
    Escape from Sin's Curse is an easy to learn escape room game with the cards slowly introducing players to new puzzles as the team progresses.  As the team travels through time to different Biblical events, players will need to look up relevant Biblical passages to solve some of the puzzles that appear.  Once Escape from Sin's Curse is solved, the team may give the game to another group since the game is reusable!
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    Every Funhill Game!

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